Assault And Crimes Of Violence

Prosecutors Build Careers On These Cases.

These are the cases that make the newspapers and fuel the headlines.

If you or your family member is accused of a serious assault, robbery, manslaughter or murder, there will almost certainly be prison time for a conviction. Even a charge of simple assault or domestic violence can result in jail, a criminal record and future consequences for employment, child custody, gun ownership and other facets of life.

The Rem Law Group in Hackensack, New Jersey, provides skilled defense for assault charges and other crimes of violence. Our criminal defense attorneys are committed to protecting your rights and shielding you from harsh penalties, or worse, an unfair conviction.

Defending Your Rights Since 1978

Our law firm handles felony and misdemeanor cases in Bergen, Hudson, Passaic, Essex, Morris, Union and Sussex counties, as well as Central and Southern New Jersey. Contact us 24/7 for experienced and aggressive legal representation.

We handle a full range of violent crime charges:

  • Assault
  • Aggravated assault
  • Domestic violence assault
  • Assault by automobile
  • Vehicular homicide
  • Robbery
  • Kidnapping
  • Sexual assault
  • Murder or manslaughter

Domestic violence accusations may involve both the Family Part and Criminal Part of Superior Court for the assault charges and restraining orders. It is important to contact an attorney immediately, as these fast-moving proceedings can kick you out of your home and cut you off from your children indefinitely with lasting implications.

Serious Defense For Serious Allegations

The state of New Jersey assigns some of its best prosecuting lawyers to murder trials and other felony prosecutions, and to represent your accusers. YOU need an equally skilled attorney at your side. We are skilled at maneuvering for a favorable deal while also preparing to take your case to a jury if necessary. We will explore all possible defenses, from self-defense to coerced confessions and do everything we can to avoid a felony conviction.

Joseph P. Rem Jr. is himself a former prosecutor who knows how to gauge the strength of the state's evidence. He is certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Criminal Trial Attorney and has been selected for inclusion New Jersey Super Lawyer: 2006-2014. We truly work as a team to strategize and investigate your case to counter the resources of the police and prosecution.

We are available day or night at 201-488-1234 if you have been arrested for assault, homicide or any violent felony. You can also email us, and one of our lawyers will contact you shortly.