Record Expungement

Is Your Criminal Past Ruining Your Future?

Expungement Attorneys Serving The State Of New Jersey

If you were ever arrested for a crime, those records will come up when a potential employer runs a background check. The arrest or conviction must be reported every time you apply for jobs, housing, loans, school, even coaching or volunteer work.

Expungement is an administrative process whereby all records relating to a past criminal offense can be removed. The slate is wiped clean so that you can move on with your life and truthfully fill out applications as if the incident never happened.

The process, however, is far from automatic or simple. Eligibility rules are complicated and fact-specific. Founding partner Joseph P. Rem Jr. has lectured to other lawyers on New Jersey's expungement statute. He and his team of lawyers have successfully handled hundreds of petitions throughout New Jersey to expunge criminal records.

Are You Eligible For A Clear Criminal Record Through Expungement?

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