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Harsh Consequences For Repeat DWI Offenders Require Representation By Aggressive And Experienced DWI Defense Attorneys.

As harsh as the consequences are for first-time DWI offenders, the penalties imposed on multiple offenders are that much greater. If you have been charged with a second, third or subsequent drunk driving offense in New Jersey, it is important to consult with an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible.

At Rem Law Group, our lawyers have significant experience handling DWI cases for clients with prior DWI convictions in Bergen, Hudson, Passaic, Essex, Morris, Sussex and Union counties, as well as Central and Southern New Jersey. We are prepared to help you mount the strong defense you need when you have a prior DWI conviction. Every aspect of your case will be reviewed, from your own health issues, the facts leading up to the arrest, the constitutional issues regarding your arrest, and search and seizure, as well as the operation and operability of the Alcotest.

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Consequences Of Second And Third DWI Convictions

If convicted of a second or third DWI offense within 10 years, you face many criminal and collateral consequences, including the following:

FinesJail TimeDriver's License
Second offense within 10 years

$500–$1,000 fine

Additional fees and surcharges that exceed $3,000

48 hours - 90 daysTwo-year suspension. Four years if in a school zone.
Third offense within 10 years

$1,000 fine

Additional fees and surcharges that exceed $5,000

180 days10-year suspension. 20 years if in a school zone.

The best way to avoid these consequences is to retain experienced DWI defense representation as soon as possible. Our lawyers are knowledgeable in successful drunk driving defense strategies that can help you avoid the harsh consequences of a second, third or subsequent DWI conviction.

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Defense lawyer Joseph P. Rem Jr. is a certified operator of the Alcotest 7110, the machine police use to measure blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in DWI arrests.

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