Possession With Intent To Distribute And Distribution Of Drugs Charges

Possession with Intent to Distribute Drugs and Distribution of Drugs charges can have devastating effects on your future. If you have a prior conviction for Possession with Intent to Distribute ("PWI") or Distribution of CDS, a second or subsequent conviction can greatly increase any potential prison term. When you are facing these serious consequences, you need an experienced drug crime defense attorney to walk you through the process and work toward reducing or eliminating those penalties.

At the Rem Law Group, we know the issues that arise in PWI and Distribution cases and we know what issues to explore in an attempt to get your charges reduced or even dismissed. Many drug cases hinge on the police and whether they have violated your Constitutional rights. Our team of criminal defense attorneys study the most recent cases on search and seizure and Fourth Amendment so that we can bring that knowledge to court in our representation of your interests. Joseph P. Rem, Jr. and Tamra Katcher have lectured the legal community across the state on these exact issues, and will put that knowledge to work for you.

PWI And Distribution Charges Are Serious Charges – Contact A Serious Criminal Defense Attorney To Represent You

Our team of defense attorneys are here to represent you on PWI and Distribution charges throughout the state.

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