Theft and Financial Crimes

Theft Offenses And Financial Crimes

Hackensack-Based White Collar Criminal Defense Attorneys

Employers will overlook some offenses but not a conviction for fraud or theft. If you are accused of theft or theft by deception, the criminal and collateral consequences can be harsh and long-lasting.

The Rem Law Group provides sophisticated representation to counter charges of theft or financial crimes. Our criminal defense lawyers work to spare you from jail, the black mark on your record and the public stigma.

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Our law firm handles state and federal cases throughout New Jersey. Contact us 24/7 for experienced and aggressive legal representation.

Statewide Theft And Financial Crime Defense Attorneys

The Rem Law Group has handled the full spectrum of theft and financial crime cases:

  • Shoplifting and employee theft
  • Embezzlement
  • Bad checks
  • Forgery
  • Credit card fraud and identity theft
  • Insurance fraud and Medicaid/Medicare scams
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Gambling offenses

We handle offenses prosecuted by the local prosecutor's office, the New Jersey Attorney General's Office or federal authorities. Our team of trial lawyers have experience in both state and federal courts.

Theft offenses and white collar crimes require a showing of illicit gain and a showing of criminal intent. We explore all possible defenses. In computer crimes, for example, did others have access? In fraud allegations, is there an innocent explanation for over-billing or inaccurate information? In theft cases, was the person caught with the stolen property? Ultimately, can the prosecutor prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a theft or financial crime was committed?

We will examine the facts of your case to determine where you stand and how we can approach your case to resolve it in your best interest. It may be possible to negotiate restitution or probation instead of jail or prison time. When the stakes are high, and the offers are unacceptable, we are prepared to go to trial to avoid prison and clear your name. Joseph P. Rem Jr., our founding partner, is Certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Criminal Trial Attorney. Our team of attorneys will mount an aggressive defense at trial to fight the charges against you.

Bergen County And Statewide Theft And Fraud Defense Lawyers

Call our Hackensack law office at 201-488-1234 if you have been arrested for theft or if you believe you are the target of a fraud investigation in New Jersey. You can also email us, and one of our lawyers will contact you soon.