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November 2013 Archives

New Jersey bill to change teen sex registration in sexting cases

The requirement to register as a sex offender in New Jersey is one of the potential consequences that can follow allegations of a sex crime. The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office says that potential recidivism of sex offenders justifies a registration system to help law enforcement identify alleged sex offenders. The state says that the law is needed to protect the public.

Police arrest 2 in Jefferson Township school zone on drug charges

Law enforcement in Jefferson Township, New Jersey, thought that a parked car looked suspicious last Monday. It is not clear what caused any suspicion, but as an officer was watching the car, the cop says that a man got out and ran into a house. The officer says that he later found marijuana in the car, which he claims the man who fled and the woman who remained in the vehicle had been weighing (and smoking).

Dover teen accused of assaulting, spitting blood on officers

Domestic violence allegations or assault charges can bring significant consequences for anyone accused of such crimes. Most people are aware that a criminal charge may result in jail or prison time and fines if a conviction is entered. However, when allegations of violence are involved, collateral consequences down the road can attach in arguably less foreseeable areas.

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