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Dover teen accused of assaulting, spitting blood on officers

Domestic violence allegations or assault charges can bring significant consequences for anyone accused of such crimes. Most people are aware that a criminal charge may result in jail or prison time and fines if a conviction is entered. However, when allegations of violence are involved, collateral consequences down the road can attach in arguably less foreseeable areas.

Juveniles charged with a crime of violence could see difficulties in future endeavors ranging from employment opportunities or in joining the military to educational hurdles in applying for post secondary learning opportunities.

A 17-year-old Dover, New Jersey teen was arrested on a variety of alleged offenses after law enforcement responded to a domestic disturbance call late Sunday. Ultimately, the majority (if not all) of the charges against the youth appear to relate to what police claim occurred after law enforcement arrived.

Law enforcement believes that the youth appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and unknown drugs when police contacted the youth. The teen had visible injuries from some kind of event when police arrived, according to authorities. Officers say that the teen acted out against the police presence, punching one officer in the face and attempted to kick police. Authorities say that the teen spat blood at officers during attempts to arrest the juvenile.

Police say that the teen was placed in a squad where he is accused of trying to kick out the windows of the police car. The teen was transported to a hospital for medical care before being hauled in to the Morris County Juvenile Detention Center.

Among the allegations against the juvenile, authorities are seeking charges of aggravated assault on police and throwing bodily fluids at a police officer. He also faces criminal mischief, assault and resisting allegations.

Encounters with police may often bring allegations of resisting and other offenses based upon what officers claim happened during the interaction. However, allegations printed in media accounts derived from the government may not include all of the facts. Defending against charges in juvenile or adult court involves reviewing all of the information, including facts that may be omitted from police accounts.

Source:, “Rampaging teen spit blood at Dover cops, assaulted father, police say," Justin Zaremba, Oct. 30, 2013

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