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Police arrest 2 in Jefferson Township school zone on drug charges

Law enforcement in Jefferson Township, New Jersey, thought that a parked car looked suspicious last Monday. It is not clear what caused any suspicion, but as an officer was watching the car, the cop says that a man got out and ran into a house. The officer says that he later found marijuana in the car, which he claims the man who fled and the woman who remained in the vehicle had been weighing (and smoking).

The two 20-year-old people were arrested on drug charges related to the officer’s alleged observations. The Jefferson Township resident who allegedly ran into the house is accused of obstruction and several drug crimes. The woman, a Butler, New Jersey, resident, was arrested on several drug charges.

The amount of alleged pot seized was less than 50 grams, based upon the charges against the two. But, one potentially larger issue may be the location where the two were arrested. Authorities accuse the two 20-year-olds with possession of pot with intent to distribute within a school zone among the laundry list of charges.

New Jersey law provides enhanced penalties for drug crimes that involve allegations of intent to distribute and allegations of intent to distribute in a school zone. Penalties for a conviction on distribution in a school zone charges can include mandatory jail time and higher fines.

As the stakes are increased by multiple counts, or by underlying allegations that may bring enhanced charges, a person should consider seeking the assistance of legal counsel with increased diligence to help protect rights against the government lawyers.

In the recent Jefferson Township incident, the man was booked into the Morris County Correctional Facility. His bail was set at $15,000 without a 10 percent option. The woman was released from custody and is awaiting further proceedings in court.

Source:, "Police bust 2 on drug distribution charges in Jefferson school zone," Meghan Shapiro Hodgin, Nov.13, 2013

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