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December 2013 Archives

New Jersey man arrested for gun, drug charges in traffic stop

Most stories that make the news regarding traffic stops for alleged minor traffic violations may seem to evolve into some kind of drunk driving account. Others may lead to other, and potentially more serious criminal offenses. In general, law enforcement needs to have a reasonable basis to conduct a traffic stop. Constitutional principles prefer that we all remain free to go about our business.

The intricacies of bail

When someone in Hackensack is arrested, he or she will usually be held in jail until he or she can make bail. There are certain crimes or individuals that may not get bail and, unfortunately, it is often up to a judge to decide whether a defendant will be able to return home in the lead up to a trial. And, since it can sometimes take quite a bit of time before a trial starts, a defendant may be waiting in jail for quite a while.

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