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New Jersey man arrested for gun, drug charges in traffic stop

Most stories that make the news regarding traffic stops for alleged minor traffic violations may seem to evolve into some kind of drunk driving account. Others may lead to other, and potentially more serious criminal offenses. In general, law enforcement needs to have a reasonable basis to conduct a traffic stop. Constitutional principles prefer that we all remain free to go about our business.

Constitutional principles also apply throughout a traffic stop, and beyond when an investigation leads to criminal charges. A recent investigatory stop that was allegedly based upon some kind of motor vehicle violation has led to drug and gun charges against a New Jersey man.

Law enforcement in Newark says that they are cracking down, and even using what The Star-Ledger is calling “proactive patrols,” in an effort to calm down what police believe has been a wave of violence in the city. In the midst of the crackdown, a minor traffic stop resulted in the arrest of Nate Robinson. Police claim that a handgun and Ecstasy were found in the former football player’s car. Authorities say that the .45 caliber handgun was loaded when it was seized. How and where the gun and drugs were discovered is not described in the recent newspaper account.

New Jersey has strict gun laws that can involve a wide variety of potential weapons charges. The state strictly regulates weapons beyond gun permit issues. The broad definition of firearms can trip up many people in New Jersey. The potential sentences available under the strict gun laws, including potential mandatory minimum sentences, highlight how important it is for people accused of a weapons offense to consider speaking with legal counsel.

Source: The Star-Ledger, “Former Giant player Nate Robinson arrested on gun, weapons charges,” David Giambusso, Dec. 27, 2013

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