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13 arrested in Paterson, New Jersey, on drug trafficking charges

Investigators from a slate of different agencies joined together in a roughly six-month long investigation into drug trafficking allegations in New Jersey. Police from roughly ten cities in New Jersey, as well as police from William Paterson University and others agents joined in the probe.

Criminal investigations can generate a great deal of evidence. Nonetheless, criminal defense lawyers may scour the allegations, which essentially are based upon what law enforcement gathers and deems important. While many people may talk in popular culture about concepts like technicalities, our system of justice guarantees a person accused of a crime to a criminal defense. The issues that may arise are not mere technicalities, but the very principles that form the basis of our country.

In the recent drug crime investigation, prosecutors arrested more than a dozen people last Friday. Authorities claim that the 13 people can be linked to an alleged drug-trafficking ring based in Paterson, New Jersey. Authorities began following a 31-year-old man last November. Police claim that they gathered evidence that the man had been distributing oxycodone pills. Authorities obtained search warrants to raid the homes of several people who police think can be linked to the Paterson drug trafficking operation.

During the raids, police say that they seized cash, two cars, and a variety of substances, including pills, marijuana, MDMA and cocaine.

Any allegations of a drug offense can bring harsh consequences under New Jersey law. A conviction of a drug crime can have long-lasting consequences, inside and outside of the criminal justice system. When issues related to the sale or trafficking of narcotics arise, the stakes may be even higher. It is important for a person suspected of a drug offense to seek the representation of a criminal defense lawyer.

Source: The Star-Ledger, “Paterson drug ring busted after 6-month investigation,” Seth Augenstein, March 16, 2014

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