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April 2014 Archives

Man found sleeping in car charged with DWI in Vineland

In New Jersey, a person may be charged with driving while intoxicated based upon allegations that he or she operated a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or more, or if authorities believe that drugs or alcohol negatively impacts a driver’s ability to drive, according the attorney general’s office. Most drivers in the Hackensack area are likely to know that drunk driving is prohibited under New Jersey law. But, each case is dependent upon the individual allegations.

Garfield teen accused of aggravated assault with a bottle

When a teen is accused of aggravated assault in New Jersey, the matter should not be taken lightly. Of course that is also true for adults. An aggravated assault charge can carry significant consequences, and a conviction on a person’s record can affect a person for years to come.

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