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Garfield teen accused of aggravated assault with a bottle

When a teen is accused of aggravated assault in New Jersey, the matter should not be taken lightly. Of course that is also true for adults. An aggravated assault charge can carry significant consequences, and a conviction on a person’s record can affect a person for years to come.

Often, when people hear of aggravated assault charges, the images that may come to mind may include a tumultuous brawl, or the use of a firearm. But, the law is often interpreted more broadly than that. A 16-year-old is accused of throwing a bottle at a fire truck in Garfield, New Jersey as the unit was en route to a call last week.

Garfield Police say that the bottle crashed through a window on the fire truck. Broken pieces of glass scattered into the unit. Some of the glass hit a 22-year-old firefighter. Authorities say that the woman suffered injury, including injuries to each of her corneas.

Firefighters told police that a group of teens was in the area when the bottle came through the window. The firefighters say that the teens, clad in hoodies and dark clothing, and ran from the area. Law enforcement enlisted the assistance of school resource officers - - authorities claim that the 16-year-old can be linked to throwing the bottle.

Police detained the juvenile before releasing him to his guardian. He is accused of aggravated assault in family court. An interference with transportation offense is also included in the delinquency complaint. However, authorities are also considering a charge of criminal mischief, which may be added after authorities determine the cost of damage to the fire truck, according to the Cliffview Pilot.

Source: Cliffview Pilot, “Garfield boy, 16, charged with throwing bottle that nearly blinded firefighter,” April 1, 2014

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