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May 2014 Archives

Man accused of assaulting officers during DUI arrest

Police accuse a man of two counts of assault on a police officer and other charges after authorities responded to a call alleging that someone was driving erratically. Police responded to the area in search of a car on Saturday and claim to have found one matching the description. The car was parked in a parking lot. Inside the vehicle, law enforcement claims that officers found vodka and beer.

Rutgers transfer QB charged with felony assault

Allegations of a night of underage drinking and an alleged stolen kiss surround the sketchy details that have led to charges against a Rutgers University transfer quarterback. None of the allegations occurred in the Garden State, but some New Jersey residents who follow Rutgers football may understand that criminal, charges can interfere with college opportunities.

Scores arrested for burglary over alleged prank at Teaneck High

Many people may believe that burglary offenses only occur at a residence. In reality, the New Jersey burglary statute essentially involves the unlawful entry of a structure (there are other provisions, but burglary does not need to involve a home). Additionally, theft is not a necessary element of a burglary charge; the government may pursue burglary charges based upon allegations of unlawful entry (or remaining after hours in a building) with the intent to commit an offense.

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