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Woman charged for possessing handgun

On July 16, it was reported that a woman who was from out of state was charged for being in possession of a handgun after she was pulled over for a traffic violation in New Jersey. The report stated that the woman was from Philadelphia and did not realize that her permit was not legal across state lines.

The 47-year-old woman was reportedly pulled over on Oct. 1 after she was allegedly observed making an unsafe lane change. As police interviewed her, she told them that she was in possession of a .380 Bersa Thunder handgun. Reports say that she had a permit for the weapon in Pennsylvania. However, the authorities ultimately pressed charges against her for unlawful possession of a weapon, a second-degree felony, and for possessing hollow-point bullets.

The woman's attorney stated that she had purchased the handgun for her personal protection after she had been robbed twice. The attorney stated that the woman did not know that her permit to carry a concealed weapon did not transfer, but she responsibly told the officer that she had a gun in her possession. Even though she had no prior criminal record, she was not accepted into a state program that would allow her to stay out of jail. If she is convicted on the felony gun charge, she could be sentenced to three years in prison.

Those who are facing a felony charge for illegal possession of a handgun may face serious consequences that could include a jail sentence. However, an attorney may be able to help their client avoid severe consequences by building a defense and presenting it in court. In cases where a charge stems from an alleged traffic violation, the attorney might question if the officers had cause to conduct the traffic stop. If prosecutors are unable to show cause, the case might be dropped.

Source: Fox News, "'Honest mistake' leads to Philly mother facing three years on gun charge", Joshua Rhett Miller, July 16, 2014

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