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New Jersey rapper faces multiple charges after altercation

A Jersey City rapper turned himself into police on Aug. 27 after being charged with robbery and grand larceny. He allegedly stole his former girlfriend's cell phone outside of a Washington Heights restaurant earlier in the month. The woman also alleges that he choked her at his home and smashed her head against the dashboard of his car. However, he was not charged with assault after those allegations.

The rapper sent out a tweet from a New York City jail implying that the cell phone was in his name. He also said in the tweet that justice would eventually be served. In a tweet he previous weekend, he reportedly taunted police by telling them that they could find him in a club in Queens.

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Source:, "Jersey City rapper Joe Budden charged with robbery, grand larceny: NYPD", Patrick Villanova, August 27, 2014

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