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Advantages of a plea bargain for judges and prosecutors

The term "plea bargain" may be familiar to many New Jersey residents, but they may not know why it is an option that prosecutors and judges like. A plea bargain helps them fulfill the obligation of the legal system to process cases in an efficient manner. Both judges and prosecutors have busy trial calendars, and a plea bargain means that a case does not go to court. For both professionals, a plea bargain also allows them to deal with lesser criminal offense and keep both prisons and courtrooms open for more serious cases.

For a prosecutor, there is the added advantage that a plea bargain represents a sure conviction, and this conviction counts on the prosecutor's record just as one does that goes to trial and takes a lot more time and effort. Even if the prosecutor has excellent evidence against a person, the outcome of a jury trial cannot be predicted. A plea bargain also may make a judge look more favorably on a prosecutor because of the efficiency.

Judges also like the fact that a plea bargain is arrived at through cooperation from all parties. From a judicial point of view, this may lead to more compliance and a better result.

A plea bargain is one option for people who are facing a criminal charge. It may be the best option depending on what they are charged with, their criminal record and the evidence against them. Usually, a plea bargain means lesser charges and reduced penalties. However, defendants are not obligated to accept the offer of a plea bargain. They might prefer to plead not guilty and have a court trial. The decision is the defendant's and not the defendant's attorney's.

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