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New Jersey man charged with killing his girlfriend

A 49-year-old man was charged with murder after allegedly killing his 54-year-old female roommate. According to police, they arrived at their apartment on Wesley Avenue at about 8:40 a.m. on July 22 after getting a report of a dead body. Authorities say that they are not sure how the woman died, but an autopsy had been scheduled.

They have asked the community for any information that they may have about the case. According to reports, the man and his victim were in a relationship at the time of their death. It was also reported that the two shared the apartment where the crime took place. In addition to the murder charge, the man was charged with aggravated assault and endangering his victim.

Those who have been charged with violent crimes may benefit from talking to an attorney. It may be possible for an attorney to advise an individual about when and how to speak with authorities. An attorney may also be able to come up with several defenses to the charges that may result in a case being thrown out. A plea deal may also be available that may result in reduced or suspended penalties that may allow an individual to stay out of jail.

An attorney may be able to accomplish this by casting doubt on witness testimony or physical evidence. In some cases, it may be valuable to cast doubt on whether evidence was collected legally. It may also be possible to cast doubt on a police report or a police officer's recollection of events throughout the investigation. Expert witnesses may be called to interpret test results or evidence. This may work to create doubt in the minds of a juror, which could result in a favorable outcome.

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