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New Jersey, like many other states, is committed to fighting drug abuse. For this reason, the penalties for possessing a controlled substance, such as cocaine, are very harsh. This can have serious impacts on an individual’s future, including the jobs they get, the places they live, among many other factors. If you have been charged with possession of cocaine in New Jersey, it is essential that you retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney with the skills necessary to fight drug charges of this caliber. Contact Rem Katcher Law Group today for quality legal guidance when you need it most.

Penalties for cocaine possession

Cocaine is considered a Schedule II drug under the Controlled Substance Act of 1970. This classification means that it has a high potential for abuse and is considered dangerous, but not quite as dangerous as Schedule I drugs. If you have been arrested for cocaine possession, possession with intent to distribute, possession with intent to distribute within a school zone or public property, or tied to a larger drug trafficking operation, you may be facing a felony conviction and mandatory prison sentence.

In determining penalties for possession of cocaine, the court will have to take a number of factors into consideration. Of course, they are going to consider the amount of cocaine that the individual had in his or her possession at the time of the arrest. If there is reason to believe that the person possessing the cocaine had the intent to distribute it, consequences will be greater. If the individual possessed cocaine in a school zone, they will also face harsher penalties.

Defenses for possession

It is important that your attorney challenge the traffic stop, the search and seizure of evidence, search warrants, tips or testimony of government informants, wiretaps, and any other applicable facets of the prosecution’s case to help you avoid a prison sentence and conviction. The Fourth Amendment protects individuals from illegal searches and seizures by police. Fourth Amendment violations often play an important role in drug-related cases. The experienced attorneys at Rem Katcher Law Group explore every element of police procedure to determine if our clients’ rights were violated in any way. Our investigations often uncover evidence of illegal searches, seizures and wiretaps, and improper stops and arrests. Police errors violate your constitutional rights and could require the prosecutor to dismiss your case. You may even qualify for Drug Court, Pre-Trial Intervention, or Conditional Discharge to help mitigate the effects on your life. We will exhaust all legal remedies to resolve your case in your favor.

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When your future is at stake because of a cocaine possession charge, retaining the services of an experienced drug possession defense attorney is essential. Rem Katcher Law Group has the experience and knowledge of the criminal justice system to effectively assess your case, explore your legal options, and zealously represent you. Contact our firm today for a consultation if you have been charged with a crime related to the possession of cocaine.