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New Jersey is one of many states throughout the country battling opioid addictions as a result of prescription drugs. The devastating impacts of prescription drug addiction are touching every socioeconomic status. As a result, laws are gaining strength and the enforcement of these laws is more present than ever. Therefore, those who are caught possessing and distributing prescription medication unlawfully may find themselves facing criminal charges. If charged with possession of an illegal prescription drug, it is important that you retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can assist you. A conviction could devastate your future. Rem Katcher Law Group has decades of experience helping clients fight these charges and more. Contact our firm today for strong legal representation when you need it most.

Penalties for Prescription Drug Possession

If an individual is charged with possessing illegal prescription drugs, they are facing fines, incarceration, and a criminal record. According to the statute, the lowest charge is a disorderly person offense for four or fewer doses. Other charges are crimes with varying degrees. While a fourth-degree crime comes with the possibility of jail time not exceeding 18 months, having 100 doses or more constitutes a crime of the second degree, having a defendant facing 5-10 years in jail. The more drugs in one’s possession, the greater chance at being charged with distribution or intent to distribute. These cases are fact-sensitive and deserve the attention of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Defenses Against Prescription Drug Possession

When an individual is charged with possession of illegal prescription drugs, it is important to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney who can explore all defenses. It is important to investigate whether the arrest was appropriate and executed according to protocol. This investigation should include determining if the law enforcement officer read the party Miranda Rights, if they had the appropriate search warrants, and look into other facets of the prosecution’s case that could establish overwhelming reasons to drop the charges.

Drug Court in New Jersey

When an individual is charged with a non-violent drug crime in New Jersey, he or she may be eligible for drug court. This is a program that allows a person struggling with drug addiction to avoid time behind bars and get the necessary help without destroying their lives with jailtime. Drug court is a very intensive program. It requires participants to seek residential treatment for a period of time determined by medical professionals. They will also be required to submit to frequent drug tests and meet regularly with an addiction specialist as well as their probation officer. Many people find success through Drug Court as long as they can complete the rigorous program.

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If you have been charged with possessing illegal prescription drugs, it is crucial to obtain strong legal representation as soon as possible. Rem Katcher Law Group understands that your future is at stake when charged with a crime of this caliber. We are prepared to exhaust all legal remedies in order to help you obtain a favorable outcome. For legal guidance when you need it most, contact Rem Katcher Law Group today for a consultation.