Bergen County High BAC DWI Attorney

Defending New Jersey Clients Charged with a High BAC DWI

Driving under the influence of alcohol in New Jersey is against the law. DWI charges come with serious consequences. If convicted of a DWI, you will face penalties that may include incarceration, thousands of dollars in fines, fees, and surcharges, a license suspension, and a possible installation of an ignition interlock device. New Jersey does not allow a person a special license, or hardship license to meet one’s everyday obligations. If you are convicted of a DWI, you could feel the impacts for years.

When a person is pulled over by law enforcement on suspicion of driving under the influence, the officer will need to determine their blood alcohol content (BAC). If the driver has a blood alcohol content above the legal limit of 0.08% but less than 0.10%, they will be charged with a standard DWI. However, if the breath test reveals that the driver has a BAC of above 0.10%, they could face a high BAC charge. If convicted of a DWI with a high BAC, the driver faces escalated penalties. If you have been charged with a High BAC DWI, retaining the services of a skilled attorney is vital. Rem Katcher Law Group is prepared to defend your case and fight for your future. We are widely known for our successes, our knowledge of DWI laws, and the defenses that free clients of being convicted. For quality legal services from a seasoned DWI law firm, contact Rem Katcher Law Group.

High BAC Penalties

When an individual is charged with a DWI and has a BAC of 0.10% or higher, the penalties are serious. The court will assign harsher consequences to a person charged with a high BAC because it is a more dangerous offense. Some of these penalties include:

  • Incarceration for up to 30 days
  • Driver’s license suspension for 7-12 months
  • A $300-$500 fine
  • $100 to the Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Fund
  • $100 to the Drunk Driving Fund
  • $75 to the Neighborhood Services Fund
  • 12-48 hours in the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center
  • Ignition Interlock Device during license suspension and 6-12 months after license restoration

In addition, New Jersey does not allow for a hardship license, meaning that those who are convicted and subject to a license suspension cannot request a special license to drive to and from work or meet other important daily obligations. A DWI conviction could seriously impact one’s life and livelihood.

Contact a Bergen County Criminal Defense Attorney for a High BAC DWI Charge

Being charged with a driving while intoxicated charge is a serious offense on its own. When it is considered a high BAC DWI, one’s life can be greatly impacted by the results of a conviction. The qualified attorneys at Rem Katcher Law Group understand that many aspects of your future are at stake. We are prepared to fully assess your case, explore all defenses to free you of these charges. We will fight for the best possible outcome. If you have been charged with a high BAC DWI, contact Rem Katcher Law Group today to schedule a consultation.