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Bergen County Gun Permit Attorney

Gun Permit Acquisition Attorney in Hackensack, NJ

Many New Jersey citizens enjoy the idea of their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. As a result, they may decide that they would like to purchase and/or carry a gun. They may decide that they’d like to participate in the hunting season, that they would like to keep a gun safe and secure for self-protection, or perhaps they’d like to take up gun collecting as a hobby. If you seek to purchase or carry a firearm, there are very specific procedures you must follow. The process can be extensive, but the attorneys at Rem Katcher Law Group can help navigate you through the process and help you reach your desire to be a gun owner. Contact Rem Katcher Law Group to schedule a consultation and talk about your legal matter.

Applying for a Gun Purchase Permit

In New Jersey, there are two specific types of firearm purchasing permits.  First, there is the Handgun Purchase Permit, commonly referred to as an HPP, applying solely to the purchase of handguns.  Secondly, if you’d like to purchase a rifle, long gun, or shotgun, you must apply for a Firearm Purchaser Identification card or an FPID.  Although there are two types of firearm purchasing permits, there is only one application for an HPP or an FPID.

What Is Required for my Application?

In addition to a fully completed application, New Jersey requires that you submit additional documentation.  Some items you may be required to provide include:

  • A passport
  • A driver’s license
  • A list of 2 references
  • An executed Consent for Mental Health Records Search

The application process will also include a full and complete background check with the New Jersey state police and the FBI.  There will also be a search of mental health records, an investigation by local police, and fingerprinting.

License to Carry

Obtaining a license to carry a firearm can be difficult. Generally, the issuance of such a permit is almost entirely discretionary. New Jersey requires that an applicant for a gun license establish that he or she has a justifiable need to carry a firearm. “Justifiable need” may be difficult to establish unless your job requires that you carry a firearm, or if there have been specific physical threats made against you.

Gun Permit Appeals

New Jersey does not make the permit process easy. For some, a small mistake can lead to being denied a gun permit. Our firm provides effective legal services for clients who are denied HPPs, FPIDs, and a license to carry. If you are denied a gun permit, you have the right to appeal. The appeals process is complex and having effective and experienced legal support is best. You have 30 days to take this legal step, so contact our firm immediately if you are interested in pursuing this path. We are ready to serve.

Contact a firm to represent you in your pursuit of a gun permit

New Jersey has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Whether you’re seeking a permit to purchase a gun or carry a handgun, you should consult with an attorney to help you understand your rights. The attorneys at Rem Katcher Law Group can help and guide you through the application process, as well as ensure that the application is completed properly and filed timely. Contact our firm for a consultation.