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An individual is considered a juvenile in New Jersey until they turn 18 years of age. When children break the law before the age of 18, they are treated as a juvenile in the eyes of the law. In some of the worst situations, a child is waived up to adult court, facing the same consequences as other adult defendants. When so much is on the line, it is important for a parent to consider obtaining the strongest possible legal representation. Rem Katcher Law Group has significant experience with juvenile defense cases in New Jersey. We will assess all circumstances surrounding the case determine what course of action is best. Contact Rem Katcher Law Group today to schedule a consultation.

What is a juvenile offense?

If a child breaks the law before the age of 18, he or she will be charged as a juvenile, with a few exceptions. He or she will continue to be treated as a juvenile if their eighteenth birthday takes place during the course of the proceedings. If your child has been arrested, the matter will most likely be handled in the family division of the Superior Court. Within the court system, the case is often heard by the Juvenile Conference Committee. This Committee is made up of several volunteers who are appointed by the family court to act on behalf of the judge. In situations where the juvenile offender committed a serious crime, he or she may be waived up to criminal court. Some crimes that are severe enough to be waived to an adult court include murder, rape, assault, and other violent crimes. When this is the case, it is imperative to have a law firm that can fight that waiver and have the matter heard in family court.

Juvenile Representation Requirement

In New Jersey, there is a requirement stating that all juvenile offenders must have legal representation. Unlike an adult, a juvenile is not permitted to waive their right to representation. The child’s parent or guardian is held responsible for retaining the services of an attorney to represent them in their criminal matter. The parent or guardian may be able to request a public defender for their child if they believe they cannot afford an attorney. However, this is very difficult to achieve. If the court believes that the child’s parent or guardian has the ability to pay for an attorney, the request for a public defender will be rejected. The criminal defense attorneys at Rem Katcher Law Group are prepared to make a case defending your child, no matter the crime.

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If your child has been arrested for committing a crime, they are legally required to obtain representation. Our firm has the necessary skill, experience, and dedication needed to fight on behalf of your child’s future. We understand what is at stake in a juvenile criminal case. Our attorneys are here to zealously represent your child’s interests in both family court or criminal court. You can trust in Rem Katcher Law Group to explore all avenues for defense when your child needs our help. Contact Rem Katcher Law Group today to schedule a consultation.