Can my child be charged as an adult in New Jersey?

When a parent learns that their child has committed a crime in New Jersey, they may not only be devastated by the news but also concerned about what the future holds for their child.

One of the questions that many parents ask is whether their child’s case will be held in adult criminal court or in juvenile court. Most juvenile cases are handled in the family division of the Superior Court. The matter will be heard by a judge in the family court, the State will be represented by the county prosecutor’s office, and the juvenile will be represented by an attorney who is either hired by the family or the public defender’s office can be assigned based on financial need. Juvenile court proceedings are closed proceedings to ensure the confidentiality of the process. Only attorneys and the family of the juvenile are allowed in the courtroom during the case. There are, however, those cases wherein a juvenile offender who is at least 15 years old and has been charged with a very serious offense can have the case referred to the criminal court. When this occurs, the juvenile will then be prosecuted as an adult.

When so much is at stake for a child’s future, it is essential to retain the services of an experienced attorney that can fight for the juvenile and examine potential defenses.

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