Cell Phone Use Behind the Wheel

These days our cell phones are extensions of our bodies. We always have them within an arm’s reach and many people feel lost without them. We use our cell phones for so much more than making phone calls. Our phones are even an integral part of our driving experience. Our cars are equipped with technology that makes it easy to use our cell phones while we drive with navigation, music and text message apps.

The convenience of our cell phones makes it hard to remember that using them while driving is unlawful in the state of New Jersey. Using a cell phone while driving diverts a driver’s attention and unfortunately is the cause of very serious accidents. If you are pulled over for using your cell phone while you drive, you may face serious penalties.

In New Jersey, the penalties for driving while using a cell phone are as follows:

  • First offenders may face a fine between $200 and $400;
  • Second offenders may face a fine between $400 and $600;
  • Third or subsequent offenders may face a fine between $600 and $800, loss of driving privileges for up to 90 days, and 3 motor vehicle points

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