Criminal Penalties for Illegal Fireworks in New Jersey

With the Fourth of July quickly approaching, many people throughout the state of New Jersey are looking for ways to celebrate. Independence Day is commonly marked with fireworks displays across the country. As much as many people enjoy taking part in these celebrations, it is important to be aware of New Jersey’s laws regarding fireworks. Not only do laws vary from state to state, they also evolve over time. New Jersey has relatively strict laws on the use of fireworks, especially when compared with the neighboring state of Pennsylvania. Many people in the tri-state area travel to Pennsylvania and purchase fireworks legally but intend to use them in locations where they are illegal.

What fireworks are permitted in New Jersey?

New Jersey only allows individuals who are at least 16 years of age to purchase, possess, and use certain handheld or ground-based sparklers, snappers, party poppers, trick noisemakers, and smoke devices. All other fireworks, including the traditional fireworks that are used by professionals, are illegal without the use of a valid permit. A valid permit can only be obtained if it is approved by police and fire chief of the municipality.

Penalties of Violating Fireworks Laws

Individuals who fail to abide by New Jersey’s fireworks laws can face significant penalties. These crimes are as follows:

  • If an individual sells, offers, or possesses with the intent to sell fireworks other than those permitted by the state can be charged with a crime of the fourth degree.
  • Individuals who purchase, use, ignite, or possess illegal fireworks without obtaining a valid permit can be guilty of a petty disorderly persons offense.

If you been charged with the illegal use or possession of fireworks in New Jersey, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney. Contact Rem Katcher Law Group, P.C. today.