Defenses Against DWI Charges | What You Need to Know

Here at Rem Kather Law Group, P.C., we understand that people make mistakes. We also understand that oftentimes, people are unfairly charged with crimes they did not commit. DWIs are among the most common cases we handle, and if you are someone who has recently been charged with a DWI, you should have hope, knowing that there are various defenses at your disposal once you partner with our New Jersey criminal defense attorneys. Please continue reading to learn more about defenses against DWI charges and how our legal team can fight for you. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What happens if I’m convicted of a DWI in New Jersey?

As you may know, the consequences of a DWI in New Jersey, especially a second or subsequent one within 10 years, can derail a person’s life. When someone gets a DWI, they will incur high fines, a license suspension, prospective jail time, insurance surcharges, and increases in insurance premiums.

What are some of the best defenses against a DWI charge?

Fortunately, there are various potential defenses that our firm can use when fighting to disprove the allegations made against you. Some of the most common defenses against DWI charges are as follows:

  • The officer did not correctly administer a field sobriety test,
  • The officer did not have a sufficient basis to stop your vehicle,
  • The officer improperly administered a breath test, or the breath test machine used was defective, or
  • Your constitutional rights were violated

As with any case, the defense we choose will depend largely on the specific circumstances of your case. Give us a call today so you can tell us your story and so we can begin mounting the best defense possible.

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