Driving With a Suspended License in New Jersey

Whenever a driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, they are required to follow the rules of the road. These rules are learned when a person is tested to receive their driver’s license. If the driver breaks these rules, they can be stopped by law enforcement and ticketed for a traffic violation. A violation of traffic laws can include speeding, reckless driving, using a cell phone while driving, driving under the influence, and more. These actions can come with certain consequences. Depending on the violation, it can result in fines, jail time, and even license revocation. 

When a person has their license taken away, they are no longer legally allowed to drive. If they do, it is considered breaking the law. Courts and law enforcement officers in the state of New Jersey take this offense very seriously and work hard to keep those with a suspended license off the road. This is to ensure their own safety as well as everyone else on the road. It is because of this that courts are strict in penalizing those who choose to continue driving even though they have a revoked license. Individuals who are charged with driving with a suspended license should retain the services of an experienced attorney to assist their case.

Consequences of Driving With a Suspended License

By having a valid driver’s license, people are aware of and follow traffic laws. If an individual has their driver’s license revoked, it means they previously violated these laws and had their license taken away as a result. If this individual continues to drive with a suspended license, they can put themselves and others at risk. It is because of this that they can be penalized for their actions. This New Jersey law N.J.S.A. 39:3-40 outlines the penalties for people caught driving with a suspended license.

Individuals facing their first offense can be charged with a $500 fine as well as a license suspension for up to 6 months. Those facing a second offense can be charged a $750 fine, an extended license suspension up to 6 more months, and possible jail time up to 5 days. For subsequent offenders, they can face a $1000 fine, an additional license suspension up to 6 months, and possible jail time up to 10 days.

It is important to know that these penalties can worsen depending on how severe the case is. For example, if a person drives with a suspended license and injures another party, they can face imprisonment between 45 and 180 days. In addition to this, if a driver is under the influence with a suspended license, they can face license revocation for 1 to 2 years as well as up to 90 days in jail, or they may find themselves charged with a felony wherein they could face a minimum of 180 days in jail and have a criminal conviction on their record. Offenders can also face state surcharges of $250 every year for 3 years.

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