New Jersey Joins Coalition Against Gun Violence

In the wake of the tragic Parkland, Florida school shooting this month, states are taking action to fight against gun violence. New Jersey is one of five states participating in a governor-formed coalition known as States for Gun Safety, along with New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and most recently, Massachusetts. The coalition aims to enact policies that will reduce gun-related violence throughout each state, all while refusing to wait for the federal government to take action.

In an effort to support stricter gun laws, Governor Murphy aims to reduce the size of ammunition magazines to 10 rounds instead of 15, as well as require background checks for all private gun sales. The coalition itself says that it plans to pool resources from each state to research and analyze data for matters of social welfare, criminal justice, public health, and public policy to find solutions to reduce gun violence. In addition, they plan to combat the sale of illegal guns on the black market and stop individuals who could pose a risk from obtaining guns.

In New Jersey, it is already difficult to obtain a gun permit. Applicants who wish to obtain either a Handgun Purchase Permit or a Firearm Purchaser Identification Card (for rifles and shotguns) must provide their driver’s license, a passport, two references, and a Consent for Mental Health Records Search. Applicants must also undergo a background check by the FBI and state police. In addition, individuals will not be able to obtain a license to carry unless they can prove “justifiable need.”

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