New Jersey Suspends All In-Person Criminal Trials in Light of COVID-19 Uptick

On Monday, November 16, the New Jersey Supreme Court announced that all criminal and civil jury trials, as well as all in-person grand jury proceedings around the state, would be suspended due to the recent and continuous spike of COVID-19.

In the court order, Chief Justice Stuart Rabner said, “The increasing rates of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths make it impracticable and unsafe for certain in-person court events to continue at the level reached during the past few months. Although it is not necessary at this time to prohibit all on-site presence and in-person events at court locations, in-person jury trials and in-person grand jury sessions will now be suspended based on current COVID-19 trends and health and safety concerns.”

The order went on to say, “Guided by experts in public health, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the New Jersey Department of Health, the Court throughout the COVID-19 crisis has continued to prioritize the health and safety of court users while supporting court operations to the greatest extent practicable.” Fortunately, in large part, court proceedings have already been conducted virtually, and, generally speaking, most individuals involved in those proceedings believe that the virtual aspect has not hampered the process at all.

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