New Jersey to Dismiss Some Minor Offenses

Recently, the state of New Jersey announced that it is considering dismissing certain minor municipal cases that were never resolved. The Administrative Office of the Courts stated that there were hundreds of thousands of these unresolved cases from years prior. It is important to note that this only applies to cases that are still open and are more than 15 years old. Some of the minor offenses that may be dismissed include those for parking tickets as well as other low-level driving tickets. The Superior Court of New Jersey believes that many of the individuals who have outstanding warrants have likely forgotten about them and realize that it is likely that they will never be paid. Opponents to this move say that it will only encourage people not to pay their fines with the hope that they will eventually be dismissed.

While many of the municipal courts allow for individuals facing fines to utilize a payment plan, some people still can’t afford to make these payments. The state has a total of 787,764 open warrants that are from 2003 or before that may be eligible for dismissal, since they are for such low-level offenses. Some of these offenses may include running a stop sign or speeding just a few miles per hour over the limit.

If an individual has a serious moving violation, it is important to be aware that they will continue to rack up fines for not paying their original tickets. It may be beneficial to speak with an experienced New Jersey traffic offenses attorney. Rem Katcher Law Group has years of experience guiding clients through matters of municipal and criminal offenses. If you or a loved one has questions about changes in New Jersey’s municipal offense policy, contact our firm today, especially if you have an outstanding warrant from 2003 or earlier.