NJ Postpones Weed Convictions Until September 4

Marijuana prosecutions in New Jersey have been postponed until at least Sept. 4. New Jersey’s Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal made the announcement on July 25 while he continues to examine the decriminalization of the drug. Talks of decriminalizing marijuana in the state will continue in the meantime. When a conclusion is reached, it will decide if the prosecutions will continue after postponement.

Grewal was sparked by a memo from Jacob Hudnut, chief municipal prosecutor of Jersey City. In the memo that Hudnut sent to his municipal prosecutors, he ordered the decriminalization of marijuana cases in the city. He mentioned that more minorities were being prosecuted for marijuana possession than whites. Similarly, in the state of New York, officials in Manhattan found that minorities were mostly being arrested for these charges. This was a factor in declaring that those who are found in possession of or smoking marijuana will not be arrested. As officials across different states continue to talk about marijuana and its effects, the laws may change.

In New Jersey, marijuana is a Schedule I drug, which is considered to be the most dangerous drug. It is also described to be highly addictive. Over time, as marijuana was more closely studied, the consequences have been downgraded. However, it is still a crime to possess the drug without a medical marijuana user card. These cards grant access to the drug for medicinal purposes.

When individuals are found in possession of marijuana, their consequences often depend on the amount that they are found with. For possession of 50 grams, individuals may face a disorderly person charge. This may lead to substantial fines and possible jail time of up to six months. Individuals that were found with the intent to sell and distribute marijuana may face even harsher consequences. This may include increased fines and a longer jail sentence.

With changing laws, it can be confusing to know the consequences of your actions. It is important to have your facts straight so you do not face any legal action. If you find yourself in trouble, contact our experienced attorneys for legal counsel. We can provide the knowledge you need during this time. With our help, we may be able to diminish the consequences you may face for a charge involving marijuana.