Rem Law Successfully Recovers Firearms for Domestic Violence Victim

Rem Katcher Law Group, P.C. is pleased to announce that our firm was successful in defending a client against the state of New Jersey’s to prevent a decision that would require a victim of domestic violence to forfeit firearms. The client is a victim of domestic violence and had several prior domestic violence incidents, including verbal and physical abuse with now ex-husband. The client went to police headquarters to report another domestic violence incident and her husband (now ex-husband) was arrested.

The couple was going through a divorce at the time despite living in the same home in separate rooms. Our client’s firearms, which were in the home, were seized by police for safekeeping. The state moved for the forfeiture of all firearms because one weapon had been modified by the ex-husband. This modification rendered it a prohibited firearm in NJ and therefore, illegal to possess. The state moved for our client’s forfeiture of all firearms, not just the illegal one, as well as the client’s firearms ID card. If the state were successful, the client would have lost her right to possess firearms in New Jersey.

We successfully defended the case and the court ruled that the illegal firearm would be forfeited but all other weapons and client’s ID card were to be returned to her.

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