What is Megan’s Law in New Jersey?

Some of the most gruesome and tragic crimes that an individual can commit in New Jersey are sex crimes. Those who are convicted will face very harsh consequences because of the seriousness of the crime. Even if an individual is accused of committing a sex crime but was truly innocent and is not convicted, they will still suffer a lifetime of consequences simply because they were associated with such a heinous act. If you have been charged with a sex crime, it is essential to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney that can help you clear your name and fight for your future.

Some of the crimes that the attorneys at Rem Katcher Law Group have experience with include sexual assault, statutory rape, criminal sexual conduct, the internet solicitation of a minor, possession or distribution of child pornography, lewdness, child endangerment, and more. Of course, a conviction of one of these crimes will result in years behind bars. Some crimes, like sexual assault, can result in up to 20 years of imprisonment. That is not the only consequence that an individual convicted of these crimes will face.

When a person in New Jersey is convicted of a sex crime, they often have to face the additional penalties of Megan’s Law. This requires certain offenders to register with the state law enforcement as a sex offender. This can impact relationships with employers, neighbors, friends, family, and law enforcement.

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