What Should I Look For When Hiring a Criminal Law Attorney?

People who are facing criminal charges are also facing a very uncertain future. A criminal conviction of any type can significantly impact a person’s future. This is why it is important to retain the services of an experienced criminal attorney who can protect them from jail or prison and a criminal record. When looking for the right attorney to handle your case, it can be beneficial to keep the following in mind:

  • Does the attorney have experience in criminal law? One of the first steps in searching for the right attorney is to be sure their specialty is criminal law. There are many different types of attorneys in the world. Rem Katcher Law Group handles different criminal law matters, such as drug possession, DUI charges, domestic violence, juvenile crimes, gun crimes, white-collar crimes, and much more.
  • How knowledgeable is your attorney? The process of hiring an attorney begins with an initial consultation. During this time, the attorney should be able to answer your questions in a timely and insightful manner that you are able to understand. You should feel that your attorney understands the workings of your case before you decide to hire them.
  • Does the attorney have good reviews? It is simple to find reviews for just about anything online these days. Doing research on an attorney ahead of time can help you to find positive experiences that people have had with them in addition to cases similar to yours. Rem Katcher Law Group has a 5-star rating and several ratings on Google and Avvo.
  • Is your attorney familiar with the local court system? Criminal law in the state of New Jersey does not change from county to county or town to town, but a courtroom or judge in one town can work differently than another. That is why it is best to find an attorney who has worked in these courtrooms and with the court personnel. Rem Katcher Law Group has served clients all throughout Bergen County and the State of New Jersey.
  • Is your attorney responsive? Are you comfortable with them? Criminal charges are a serious matter that should be treated as such. It is crucial that you trust your attorney to dedicate themselves to your case. This includes having open and consistent communication throughout the entire case. 

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